November 26, 2022

Aiming at success

When we think about our own success history, we always remember how we strived to achieve it. Meanwhile we also do remember the list of things that we failed miserably or the one that we are personally unsatisfied or could have done better. Yeah, the thought is right. Success is not just wins or achievement of goals, it more of our personal satisfaction, attainment of growth and skills we completely own. So aiming for success is in one hand and aiming for excellence is on the other hand. Here the important thing is that whether we are satisfied with what we have done or achieved so far.

Now how do I aim at success that will bring in satisfaction to me? is a question one of my colleagues asked me. Yes, that’s indeed a question which most of us have, how do I aim at success, how do I become successful, how do I win, what should I do, how do I set my goals, how do I excel and so on.   The answer is very simple, create an achievable goal, it should be just 2 or 3 goals not more than that.  

For example, you can have couple of professional goals like I would learn one new technology within the next 6 months, I will spend a minimum of 2 hours daily for learning the technology. And the other one can be like once in 2 months, I will attend a technology summit or a webinar to get better insights on the latest technology. Also, its equally important that you have a personal goal too. For example, at present my weight is 87 Kgs, and I wish it should be 70 Kgs within 1 year. For this I will go for a 5km walk daily and will have a diet plan followed. So here we have split our goals that is more manageable, achievable and has a deadline attached to it. One thing that we need to do dedicatedly is to follow the schedule without fail. If this is achieved it definitely give a satisfaction of being disciplined in actions, achieving your goals and importantly the happiness.

In reality, if you start focus on discussing your goals for the stake of prestige, you are not going to get better anyway. For instance, you just tell I will learn 10 technologies in 6 months, then it’s going to be a failure. Either you haven’t calculated the efforts, nor would have a confidence that you have achieved or completed it. Goals should be measurable and actionable.

So, my take would be that, Success requires a change in mind, self-motivation and learning attitude. “If you are passionate about something, work on it! Then try to master on it, that will bring you Success, the happiness and sense of achievement.”

Don’t always look for 100% perfection. But put your plans in place. Remember to aim for success and aim for excellence. Do you best and try to deliver the distinction. Aiming for excellence is striving for excellence, performing outstandingly, and achieving a distinction, which means you need to really work hard, look at all the details carefully, presence of mind and a positive mind-set.

In simple, Set a Goal, Work towards it, Aim for Success. There would be situations wherein, you have put your efforts genuinely, but still you were unable to achieve, that’s absolutely fine. But one thing, you should learn is, why did you lose, where you missed, what could have been done better . This would help you plan better and create an aim for excellence. That will definitely take you to the path of success. Happy Learning 🙂