November 26, 2022

Reach New Heights with Confidence and Courage

To embrace success you need to fail. To fail you need to try. When you keep trying, one day you will achieve success. Reality is that if success is  so easy, there is no value for that. But to try you need to have confidence and courage to keep first step forward. We all in our life have embraced success definitely and that’s the reason we have grown up. Imagine, from being a child, we crawled, we stood up, we started walking and once we had the confidence we can balance our body, we started running. We did not stop there, we started running, climbing and all other mischief, because we had the courage to do it. We have gone to school, if not we have worked hard and learnt something in our life. No one in this world is useful. Everybody has a duty to do. For this we need to identify our own potential and skills, which gives us the confidence and courage to do what we know.

The question is where did we get the courage from when we were young? It’s because we had the confidence and we knew what we are doing. Importantly our parents, who guided us in showing the right way. They did not give a helping hands, instead they felt happy when you kept falling and trying to get up. It’s because they knew you are trying and definitely going to win. Imagine yourself now, we fell down so many times, but tried and tried to get up. But as we grow, we are forgetting that we are capable of doing things. We don’t try. We follow that so called “Get the low hanging fruits” and the real success is hiding at the top out of sight. So to achieve success, we need to have that courage to climb up. Yes, failure will happen, that’s fine. It’s okay to do mistakes. But what is not good is, if you don’t learn from them. So try learning when you fail. That will show you the way to success.

We should be living like birds and fishes. Why birds? The birds can sit even is very thin branch, which might break if the wind is fast. Still it sits, because it has the confidence that it can fly and choose another branch. Similarly, the fishes can swim in the deepest ocean, because it has the courage and confidence on its swimming ability. As humans, we also have some unique skills. Unleash those skills, have the confidence and courage to move forward. That will surely take you to new heights in life and career.


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