December 4, 2022

Just read it

After reading this “just read it” either as a title or in the index page, you must be wondering, what is in there to read. Out of so many topics here, you would have chosen / considered this page thinking something is there, so let’s go read it. This decision you made is because of the curiosity to know what is in here. I am I right?

So, this “Curiosity” is very much important in life to learn. If you don’t have a curiosity to know then you are not learning. Yes, I mean it. Curiosity leads to learning and learning leads to innovation or excellent work. If you ask, how can I develop curiosity – that would be a weird question. Curiosity is something that should come naturally, and you can develop it when you develop an urge to know things which will make you explore. This exploration leads to context, this context makes you a better you and knowledgeable.

In simple, Curiosity is genuinely wanting to know more.

For instance, imagine how many people are in space now? Automatically, you mind will tend to ask what they do in space, how do they survive, how do they eat and drink. If this is something of interest to you, then go find from friends, go online – make a search and you will find the answer. Now here your curiosity had led to a new learning. Believe me, next time someone talks to you about space, you will have an answer.

If you re-imagine yourself in the past when you were a child, you would have asked lot of questions to your mom, dad, brother, sister or friends to know or learn something. In this few are a required to know for a subjective basis and many are because of your curiosity to know.  Start asking questions to yourself and start exploring, find the answers, this will keep you moving forever.

So, become one from being unfamiliar to familiar, laying the questions that would lead to exploration and derive joy out of the result.  You can create wonders harnessing the power of curiosity. It will transform your routine life to something more interesting, enjoyable and indeed more energetic.

Ask questions, get curious to know the answers and you will florish.