November 26, 2022

Habits that would make you effective and successful

The other day one of my colleagues came to me for a help in building her self-portfolio. So I asked her to list her achievements for the year, her opportunity areas and a couple of things that she would like to focus for the year.  She started listing it down in her handbook. After few lines, she was unable to recollect nor write more about it.

Then she turned towards me and said Bro! I have done many things, but most of those projects I started, worked on it but did not accomplish, and another member from the team has worked on the closure to delivered it. I am in dilemma, whether should I add it, or should I omit it. I asked her a one-word question, Why? – But the answer was too long which went around 20 mins. There were so many reasons and justification provided. But I felt who cares for reasons, it just the results that matter. Few of the reasons she mentioned “I was moved to different teams, if there is any new team or process transition I am the first person to be chosen, I went on maternity, I spent most of my time in training the new folks, documentation and so on”.

I said Wow! Yes, it’s as Wow. Why will someone be chosen to for new transition, training newbies, documentation and all? It simple, I replied, its because you are quick learner, you are ready to adapt, good at training, you are expert material who can learn end-to-end process in a fleeting time span and importantly your thought-process, skill that makes a smooth transition, so there is nothing to think negative.” She felt little confident. And what I said was true. We don’t realize what are our skills and habits that we should continue and things which we should change.

Before reading further, I would suggest yourself to think of your achievements, failure, what went well, what went wrong for just 5 – 10 mins.  Once done you can read further.

Hope, you have thought for few minutes, now while reading further relate them to the below habits listed that would drive you to be more effective and successful. It’s important we look at our own personal habits, the habits that the society will welcome and based on personal, society – what should we learn new and adapt too. It’s because, there is nothing permanent expect changes. The more updated you are with the current trends, the more likely you will be welcomed by any generation.

Be Patient

Patience is the first step for your victory.  You need to learn to be more patient and understand the surroundings. Put to practice the patience on listening and understanding, think on their shoes to get their points. If you feel stills its wrong, convey it them in way they will understand.

Try to understand than to be understood

Many of us have this habit. We don’t want to even listen nor understand what the other one says. Rather, we seek that they should understand us better. But practice this like patience. Let try to understand than to be understood. Right, got it? Keep learning from yourself and from other’s too, I mean just the good things. Yeah! I mean it.

Stay Positive & Pro-active

If you stay positive itself, it will solve lot of problems. That why I stated think in their shoes, understand and then make them understand what is right. All this can happen only when you stay calm and positive. If you can’t stay calm it may lead to a disaster. After the damage happens, it difficult to correct it. So be pro-active in understanding and answering it right. Don’t try to convince. Convince is something I feel, which you yourself are not sure. Go with facts and tell the facts, but don’t convince to make them accept.

Do the right things at the right time

Have a goal, plan it in a way why to begin? how to begin? where to begin?  – This will help you put the things in the right way – first things first to being and proceed a towards to goal strategically. If you don’t take your first step right, then your path might change. Don’t do that mistake. Plan it before hand, be proactive in planning the things with facts, that would show you the direction. You thought process will change and will lead you right when you have the facts right.

Winning together

You are never alone. So, think you will win as a team. Create a win-win situation for your co-workers, family, business partner or be it anybody. Then the interest levels and urge to do it successfully, will turn out the result to be great.  Because, the benefit that’s going to be derived will be everyone’s victory. That would help synergize and achieve.

Never Stop Learning

Always learn from your Success or Failure. Most of us try to understand what lead to the failure, but we don’t look at why we are successful. If we know why we are successful, what brought the success that would help us lead better in future.

Don’t Give Up

One of the Characteristics of the most successful people around the world is that they “Don’t give up”. They keep trying again and again until they succeed. Each time they fail they learn, each time they are partially successful, they follow and son. So never give up. Keep trying and success will be your way.

Be updated

Day-to-day there are changes in technology and the way the business run. To put them in effective use, you need to be updated with the current market situations, build that skills and be updated. Once you get updated, you will get upgraded.

Remember, don’t try to build all the habits listed her in just a day or two. It will take time. Develop building your patience and then follow the rest one-by-one. That would help you scale up and grow to new heights. Trust me, you are an amazing person. You can do it and you will do it. Now keep practicing.