November 26, 2022

How to become an exceptional leader?

Are you one who is looking to become an exceptional leader. Then just don’t follow the below, but ensure you practise them day by day, which will take you to definite heights.

Hardwork – Many tend to have their own definitions of growing in their career. Should we choose between hardwork or smartwork. Smartwork might seem a shortcut, but in reality Hardwork alone paves the way for you to be successful internally and externally. Keep doing what is right and ensure you work hard, put your efforts in learning things in the right way, and importantly follow your passion.

Trustworthiness – This is one other important factor for becoming a perfect leader. You need to be trustworthy for the other side of the people and also you should have trustworthy people around you. If you have trustworthy people around you, and they believe and feel you are one trustworthy individual, they will ensure your growth. Understand, what you give is what you get. Be genuine and lead genuinely. If you have an untrustworthy person around you, ignore or chuck them out.

Listen – This is a to have skill. Always spend time to listen to others as well, before you jump in conclusions. Listening skills come with 2 things, interest and patience. This would be an inner science, few have them naturally, few needs to develop it – but it needs postive mindset, compassion and urge to change yourself.

Standup / Self Respect – Be it anyone, your senior in office or even the boss – voice out what is right and what is wrong. Don’t let your self-respect go. Standup to say if something is unfair. The time, you agree giving up and proceed with other opion though its wrong, you will get used to. So whenever and wherever required to maintain your dignity and respect.

Remember, the way you treat your family is how you will treat your collegues and employees at work. All these four things – Hardwork, Trustworthy, Listen and Standup/ Self Respect, we all follow this day by day for the welfare of the family. Similarly, for the welfare of us and our employees – we should definitely follow this to become an exepctional leader in both home or office.