December 4, 2022

I am worried about my career and future

I am worried about my job and life thereafter, is one of the common feeling that most of the mid-age and above have. I don’t have a proper backup, there are loans to pay, my child’s school fee, house rent and so on. These are few whining’s of people, when they are in the fear of losing their job.  And, yeah that’s true, if we think in their shoes its right. But one thing, that I don’t accept is, there won’t be a better future. No, this is not true. There is always a better future and life. Once you lose something be it a job or business, that’s not the end. It’s a new beginning. Feel confident, I have my skills, I can do things. Believe in yourself.

I agree to the fact, yes, if the regular salary income stops, it going to be difficult for some time, if there is savings it’s fine, if not, what? you have to struggle for a couple of months or even bit more. But sure, you will get a better one. So, my advice always to my team members is that Don’t learn or do your work just for the sake of salary. Do it for yourself, Learn as much as possible, Deliver the best, use each and every opportunity to deliver justice to the pay you get and for yourselves.  Yes, we need to do it for ourselves. Imagine, the work you do is to deliver a solution, deliver it the way you will get satisfied and then the company. This way, you can deliver better solutions for the company and you will also learn a lot of it. So anytime, they organization you work for feels your presence is redundant, you don’t have to worry. Because, you will have a confidence that you can get another job, where you can deliver and skills you have learnt all the years will serve as an experience, that will get you a better position. Think Positive, you have the right skill sets and can adapt to any new role.   

Life goes on. All you need to do is work with integrity, learn new skills, upgrade your skills as you grow both in age as well as designation based on the latest trends, think ahead of the future, plan it better, set a goal, have a mentor, share your learnings and so on.  Always think you can do it.

But for all the above, you need to start working from right now. Yeah! I mean it, you should start working right now. Come out the comfort zone, learn as much as possible, then you won’t have to worry about your job nor the future. All comes in your way.

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