November 26, 2022

Is it okay to do mistakes?

Absolutely YES! if its done unknowingly.  But it’s not okay if you do mistakes knowingly. Doing mistakes unknowingly, in spite of it creating an bad impact, still teaches you lot of life lessons, which will make you grow as better person. The next time, you come across an similar incident, you will know to defend yourself or to make sure its getting done in the right way. Also its help’s you to analyse and understand the reality of life and ensures you  get the knowledge to show the right way to an other person, who is going to face a similar situation.


Now, may be your question is right, Will someone intentionally commit a mistake? Yes, they do. Let’s take a example of a thief, everybody know’s stealing is wrong. Even the thief know’s this. If you go and ask a thief, Is stealing good? his reply would be, Yeah I know its bad, but still I am stealing because…. and he continues saying some reason.

So, now its not  just the thief,  we human’s make so many mistakes knowingly.  For instance, we instead of going and taking a ‘U’ turn which is few kilometers away,  easily, we take the right turn or a left turn which is close-by in 100 or 200 meters driving in the wrong side.  We know driving in the wrong side is a mistake and against the rules, but still we do commit that mistake.  When someone asks why are you driving in the wrong side? our answer is very simple,  “All I know, you mind your business”.  During this time, you mind says that its just a small mistake, unless and until something big occurs because of this small mistake. That time you will think,  I could have driven a kilometer to take a U turn, which would have prevented this accident. But an incident occurred because of a known mistake  remains a crime.

To be a good human, better stop evaluating the mistake whether its small or big. If you have committed a mistake agree to it and it end’s there. The time you wanted to hide the mistake, you would start  with just one lie, which will again pile up more and you will lose your happiness. It’s also important that when you commit a mistake unknowingly, then don’t repeat it. That would make your life happy and better.