November 26, 2022
Winning Together Short Story

A Little Push and Winning Together

Yesterday, I was driving back from office to home and the traffic was slower than usual. Then I noticed, a fully decorated horse cart with two horses tied to it, on the way to a wedding ceremony. The place is a hilly area and you can find lot of ups and downs, slopes on the way. So at the point, it was a slope and the horses were unable to pull the cart, as it was too heavy for them to pull. After some time I crossed the cart, I noticed the rider is pulling the horses, so it can move forward. I thought for a while, I felt, how stupid is he? I just got down from my vehicle, I asked the rider “what are you doing?” He replied “Sir, it’s a slope, so I am trying to pull the horses, so they can pull the cart up and move forward.” I said to him, “Already the cart is heavy, and it’s a slope, which will be of more burden to the horses and you are pulling them. Instead come lets go and push the cart from back, it makes easy for horses to move forward.” Within few seconds, we just pushed the cart a bit from the back, the horses did move quickly. This horse rider, said a “Thank you” and I also left from there.

But my thoughts did not stop there. I kept thinking, the horses are ready to pull the cart and was putting its efforts to move forward. But unfortunately, it’s a slope and the burden was high which made the horses move very slowly. When we gave a helping hand, it was easy for those horses to move forward and I felt very pride that we succeeded by doing it together. I am sure, going forward, this rider, if he faces this situation again, he go push it rather than pulling.

In life we can meet lot of people like that. These people intend to grow, put their efforts, and work hard but the missing of little push makes them stay where they are, for a longtime. And the certainty is that, they lose hope as the time flies. Better, if you are in a situation where you can help people grow, do that. Give them that little push!

I remember speaking to a friend who was crippling about his company. The above incident definitely co-related with this. Once when I and friend of mine were discussing on some general stuff, it lead to this conversation. “Dude, I am myself not growing, in spite of so much of hard work and achievements, so how will I be pushing another guy from my team to grow.” So I replied, “You are so selfish. When you are expecting a helping hand who will help you grow in your company, your team members also will need some helping hand. You have that authority, find the real deserving member in your team, and give a little push so they will shine. Just don’t think, I did not get it, why I should help another. That’s a wrong thing to do. You are not doing justice. Help them grow and I am sure you will grow as well. If not in the present company in some other place. Also if you start your own business, you will know how treat people, identify the right person. That’s how you can all win together. Winning doesn’t mean just your growth, whether you are growing or not, still you should ensure the right people grow, if you are in a decision making level. That is also success. The person who you pushed will follow your footprints.”

So what I said, does it make sense? Because you did not get it, don’t expect that they also should not get it. This is where the selfishness turns to ego and finally leads to failure. Work, Motivate, Push & Win Together!