November 26, 2022

More the Problems you face, more you grow

In today’s busy life, before tend do something or the other to grow up. The baseless thing Money, is what driving people and forces them to change colors like a chameleon. Did you give a thought? Why we should be changing colors, let’s be good and do well. Not all in this world is going to change, but we will be a change. Our change will inspire another and they will try to change. So life with a better change will go on and you will meet good people as you travel through your life. So this post will give little insights about how to overcome problems in life with a real life scenario and gives a sense on overcoming challenges in your life.

One of the incident’s that happened to me itself would be live example. I had one of the issues in office, where there was a false claim on me at my office. The issue was going on for months and even a year. I lost my reputation, went through sleepless nights thinking, how the people are. Why is that they need to pull someone’s leg and try to get a growth. And how even a senior in the office, would believe it just like that. The day came, where I had an opportunity to speak with the senior who was handling the issue. So I was very candid and I said what happened. The person who did not let me speak all those days, listened to be that day. But the conclusion of meeting ended up like “You should have stood up that time only, now if you are telling this, I can’t help it. You don’t stand up for yourself.” which put me down even more. A person who I respected all those while, and did not give an opportunity to talk nor was ready to listen, when listened said this. This made me think, what the hell am I going through. Is being honest a problem, I that I also should play the games along with other people. All these thoughts were revolving in my mind.

The next day, I went to my insurance company, to withdraw some money. Post that, when I came out there was so much traffic. So here my thought changed, If I take a wrong side, I can go easily avoiding the traffic. So I decided to go in the wrong side to reach fast. I was not even half the way, again a thought came, why should I get influenced to do such a wrong thing, because of what happened in office. I never in my life drove in a wrong side. If I need to go in a wrong side for 100 meters to reach the right road. Never had I taken that. I go travel 4-5 kms for the next “U” turn. So I realized I am doing the wrong thing, and again I turned back to the right direction. I was really happy, and stopped thinking about what happened in office. So few people in my office came for mentoring. So the first thing I teach them is to be honest and do the right thing irrespective to whatever challenges you are going to face. It doesn’t matter, being true will help you grow, but bit slow. But still we can be satisfied with the growth. Also don’t forget to do good to the people, who did bad to you. Don’t vent out your anger. Be you and be what you are. That itself would be a great satisfaction for you in your life. Those problems you face in your life, makes you seasoned and would help you grow. Your growth will help other people like you to grow. You will get inspired. Though you don’t have money, you will have people for you.

Have you heard about the story of a Donkey? This will make you think.

A man had a donkey in a village. The donkey will always be with him anywhere he goes. One day, while they were walking the donkey fell in deep steep well. The man tried to help it, looked around and no one was there to help. As he was in the outskirts of the village to bring someone to help will take at least 3 days and the donkey will die out of hunger. So he decided to bury it alive with hard heart. So he started pouring the soil on donkey. As the soil go poured, each time the donkey was shaking his body and soil fell down. So this happened for a long time and half of that deep precipice was filled and the donkey on top of it. So the donkey was thinking that the master is trying to save it from the pit, whereas the man was actually trying to bury it. At certain point, the man realized, that by doing this the donkey is coming up. So the man realized what wrong he is doing and started pouring the soil by the side of the donkey consoling it, stay there, stay at side – we will go together back to the village. And at last the donkey and man both started walking together.

Here, though the man was trying to bury, the donkey shaked off the body and started stepping up. As it started stepping up, the master changed his mind, oh my god, what am I doing to my donkey. In order for me to go quick, I tried to kill that. Instead I will start consoling it and work together to come out of such situation. In reality you won’t be able to find such kind of people, but one day for sure there will a change.

So the same happens. If someone is creating a problem for you, don’t take that as a problem, instead challenge it, take it as an opportunity. At a later part, the person who is creating issue for you will realize and start working together with you. But you ensure, you do the right thing and be honest in spite of them thinking bad for you. Live Happy with what you have got.