November 26, 2022

The Beauty of Life

The beauty of life is, its unpredictable and immeasurable. It all depends on how we take it. If you expect more and get less, you are likely to be unhappy. The same if you expect less and get more, you are going to be happier. But, the beauty of life is, the thing what you do, or give is what you will come back you. So, lead a life neutrally. Do work on your responsibilities and it will yield you the fruit of joy and love.

Whatever I have seen or experience in my life is that no family or be it anyone was not the same for more than 3 generations. So, someone may be born with a silver spoon, but as the generations pass by, it won’t be same. Similarly, someone was poor has never been poor for 3 generations. That’s the truth. But very importantly, if we need to grow and be good for generations after generations, it’s very important that we make our children go through the rough roads of life, so they understand the worth of life. That’s when the life will continue to be good.  

Life won’t be interesting if there are no bumps. Yeah, it’s like our tastebuds, not always everyone will like sweets. Sometimes sweets, sometimes spice and sometimes bitterness, that’s when you enjoy the real flavor. Be it anything, a tough time, or good times, keep up the positive thoughts and keep moving. Tough times will change, it’s not going to follow forever. Never lose hope. Once hope is lost, everything is lost.  Remember there is always better tomorrow, it may a near or may be its far, but work towards it and things get better.

There was a student who wants to pursue his medicine, but unfortunately despite the scores he got, he did not get a seat for medicine. So, he joined another degree which he was not much interested. A fine day, he was venting out his frustration and was mentioning, I had dreams to own a hospital someday and serve the people, but all my dreams are scattered. Listening this, I said, your dreams are never scattered. Whatever you are pursuing now, you continue doing it and give the best. The time you give the best, you get the best.  So, there will be a day, when you make enough money and gain experience, that time you open a hospital for the needy, employ the doctors and take care of the society.  There is never an end. The time you see period, just keep 2 more dots, and continue. Those 2 dots are nothing that what are the alternate way to reach your dreams, work towards it. And one day, your dream will come true. Think positive, an opportunity lost is the way to gain more opportunities.  Life is beautiful, when you accept the way, it is taking us. And remember, as I said, there is no end…

Life can make a paradigm shift anytime. So, your experience, the learning from your good times and bad times will make your life beautiful again.

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