November 26, 2022

Why I love and respect Entrepreneurs & Business People

From my teenage, I always had the dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. The reason is not just making money, but I felt it would contribute and help a society in larger scape. Yeah! It really does. Let’s take up the example of a shop keeper. He runs a small shop, as the number of customers increases he needs an assistant to serve his customer’s better. So he employ’s one. In this case, the shop keeper employed a employee to help him in his business for a salary. Do you think it ends here?

No, it really doesn’t. Though his personal benefit is to get an assistant and make his job easy, the salary the employer pays is (in)directly helping the family of the employee for their daily needs. It’s not just that, the cycle begins from the time he purchases product for the wholesaler, wholesaler from the manufacturer, manufactures from the raw material dealer, raw material dealer from the producer and the producer again purchases the completed product from the retailer. Now you got the point. It not just one, it’s a whole community that gets benefited from the business at various levels.

Well, the other day I was talking to my colleagues, one of them said out of frustration, “why we need to work so much here, while we are not compensated as much as that. Our CEO makes the most money and he enjoys his life to the fullest, while we slog”. So I asked him, “what is that you wanted to do?” He said, “If I get a job offer elsewhere, I will quit this and go there for a better package. I don’t want to even work here”. When he said that I said to him, “This is the company you have been working for more than 5 years now. You are okay to leave the company if you don’t want to work”, but I said, “it’s wrong to curse the company nor the boss of the company.” I continued “The boss has made enough money, if he decides, he can just sell the company to someone or just close it and have an amazing life. But he didn’t.  He is still running the business and acquires new businesses at a debt. And I am sure, the business is going to exist and still going to give lot of opportunities for the young generation for the coming years too. And the fact is that, if you want to quit, just quit! But don’t keep complaining or crippling. It has helped you for 5 years. And again you are going to join in another company, with some better package that’s absolutely fine, and just realize still there is someone who is giving you an opportunity, and you will feel the same after certain years, as your demands/expenses/responsibility in the office, family increases”.

So now you knew, why I love the and respect entrepreneurs & business people. Their aim is not just profits but also people and the society. And soon, I will become one and will definitely to contribute to the society.  Let me see where my Entrepreneur Life leads too.